Cheap Woodworking Secrets

What if I told you there was a way to get the lumber and tools you need for your woodworking projects at prices far below what everyone else pays?

But I assured my wife I’d still have enough money to fix up the place. My plan was to buy the tools and materials I needed out of my monthly paychecks.

But I promised my wife I’d fix it up in no time and turn it into a proper home for her and our two kids.

In fact, the whole thing would have been an utter disaster if I hadn’t discovered a bizarre secret that allowed me to get the building supplies and power tools I needed at DIRT CHEAP prices.

Regular price: $5 – $8 per square foot Using my method: Just $.50 per square foot! Savings: $4,500+!

Using Secret Source #1, I was able to acquire approximately 1,000 square feet of premium eastern maple hardwood flooring (with birdseye maple pieces!) for just fifty cents per square foot! I should have paid over $5,000, but I got it for $500 — a $4,500 savings!

Using Secret Source #7, I uncovered a 5007F Makita circular saw in excellent shape for almost 70% off! That’s a full $96 savings — almost one hundred bucks you can put back in your wallet!

Using Secret Source #9, I was able to locate 4×8 sheets of 5/8" cabinet grade plywood for free — that’s premium-grade plywood that didn’t cost a cent! That sound good to you?

With Secret Source #7, I found a brand-new 10 inch Hitatch table saw for just $250. That same exact model was selling in a big box hardware store for $399! That’s a whopping $149 savings!

Using Secret Source #8, I found over 1,100 square feet of brand new longleaf V groove pine paneling for just $1.63 per square foot. And this high-end product usually sells for $6 per square foot! That adds up to a whopping $4,807 savings for the lot. What a deal!

Using Secret Source #2, I found this Makita HR2455R Rotary Hammer brand-new condition for only $149! That’s a full $247 below its list price of $396! That’s like an extra $247 in your pocket!

For a long time, I was quite happy to stay quiet and simply reap the benefits. I’ve saved many thousands of dollars over the years using these methods.

But I’ve come to realize that there’s no reason to keep this knowledge to myself. Given how vast the supply of these cheap tools and lumber is, it’ virtually impossible to saturate the market.

These are truly "evergreen" secrets that will work for years and even decades to come (think of the savings)!

So now, for the first time, I’m making these secrets available for a LIMITED TIME only, in the form of a downloadable guide.

In the first part of the guide, I show you my most closely-guarded secrets for getting dimensional lumber…

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