Easy Home Surveillance – Cell Phone

How would you like the ability to check in on your house, wherever you are, from your cell phone or computer?

In the United States, the FBI has calculated that a burglary occurs every 8 seconds and that three out of four homes will be burglarized within the next 20 years. There’s no reason to wait until it happens to you. Video surveillance systems were originally designed to offer the ultimate in security for banks, airports and casinos. Recent technological advances have made them inexpensive and simple enough to be used at home. Most surveillance systems retail for $250 or more! In our guide, we show you how to accomplish this for free!

Surveillance or Spy Cameras have many purposes: – to prevent theft, – to watch employees, – to catch cheating spouses, – for covert operations, – or simply to monitor a nanny or caregiver when you’re not at home. In addition, if you have infants or young children at home, a camera that you can view on your cell phone will help you keep a vigilant eye on them while you’re away, any time, both night and day.

With our instant online confidential delivery, you can access this product right now. Even at 3AM in the morning, wherever you are in the world!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to prevent theft/vandalism/property damage, an employer who wants to check up on his/her employees and to maintain a safe working environment, or a parent striving to provide his/her infant with the best possible care, you’ll find a wide variety of uses for our clever system. If you have children, valuables, or a spouse with wandering eyes, then it’s just plain stupid NOT to see what happens after you leave the house—especially now, with spy cams so affordable and easy to use! Nearly every major cell phone is compatible with our methods.

Jim I wanted to write and say thank you because your guide has been such a help to me. After my son Jeffrey was born I wanted a way to check in on him and the babysitter while I was at work. Your book taught me how to install the software I needed, and how to set up my cell phone so that I can login anytime, from anywhere. I never even knew this technology was possible, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to figure it out without your guidance.

For the last few months I had suspected my husband was being unfaithful but didn’t have any proof to confront him with. Your guide taught me how to turn my laptop into my own personal spy camera. I followed your instructions on installing the free software, and then had the ability to see what was going on at my house from my Blackberry cell phone. Two days after I had everything set up I caught him cheating with the neighbor. Thanks so much for your help Jim because without it, I would still be in the dark putting…

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