WP Pipeline

Attention: If you are using WordPress, then this will be the most important page that you have ever read. Period.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and find that all of your WordPress sites are down and losing you cash!

You keep all of your blogs up to date regularly. You always install the latest security patches, versions of plugins and themes.

If you fall into the first group, then I am surprised and you are amongst the top 2% of bloggers. Or more likely, you already own a copy of WP Pipeline 😉

If however you fall into the second group, then this will be the most important letter that you have ever read.

When you login to your blog to make a post, do you see the warning at the top of your blog and ignore it?

Or perhaps you take note of it, but are in too much of a hurry to deal with the warning at that moment as you are desperate to get the task at hand done.

It was a set and forget blog that made money from AdSense. The search engine rankings were so strong that I didn’t even need to do any linkbuilding. I literally left it to run and smiled whenever I checked my AdSense account and found free money in there..

Then, one day I noticed that I hadn’t made any money from it that day so went and checked the blog. There was a large notice on it saying that I…

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