Work at Home On Your Computer and earn extra money – The Affiliate Entrepreneur

You can enjoy waking up when you want to. Set your own schedule. No need for baby sitters. Write off products used. Travel and still make money.

Get paid great money to tell others about your experiences. Even though as an " Affiliate Marketer " there will be some products and services you are writing about, that you won’t even get to try.

Working from home for over 6 years since 2003 what you will learn fast from me is, I’m not into hype! I’m into seeing results, doing what works and dumping what doesn’t! as more than my mortgage depends on it, my wife and 2 little girls depend on it.

To cut a long story really short. Before 2003 I was working a regular out of the home job, providing technical support for Dell, HP and Verizon. My wife and I had put up a baby outfit on Ebay in the early part of 2001 and within a matter of days it had sold to a lady on the east coast of canada. This really was the turning point, as it got me thinking about what other ways there were to make money online.

I spent a lot of time surfing forums, downloading free reports and purchasing books on various ways to make money online and some of the information was good and some of it was just so incomplete that it was of no help at all.

Anyway, I ended up dabbling in dropshipping but found that it came…

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