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They have put together a program (12 videos plus downloads) that could easily sell for $300 or more. I’ve been doing Internet marketing with webinars for a couple years and I didn’t know half of what Russ teaches in this program.

This is the MOST indepth and complete WSO that I have ever seen. They show you EXACTLY how to do everything and the methods they teach are completely ninja and new. They reveal all their secrets for picking high ticket products, running webinars for free, structuring a webinar to sell, getting free traffic (I had NO idea about these tricks), listbuilding on steroids, and setting up the sales funnel.

They take you inside their aweber account and show exactly how they set up their lists for each campaign. Their focus is on selling Clickbank products as an affiliate, but this is a masterclass in Internet marketing, no matter what you’re trying to sell. If you’re still reading this, you’re wasting your time. Order it now! This is an amazing WSO!

Talk about over delivery! Of course, I”m used to this, having been a follower of Russ for several months now.

russ has teamed up with Adam to produce 12 modules of absolute genius. From picking the right products; to building a highly effective squeeze page without having to do any of the tedious split testing; to how to run free webinars that will increase your conversions to as much as 50%; it’s…

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