Turbo-Charge Your ClickBank Affiliate Program – CBMultiLink allows you to offer your affiliates a choice of landing pages, cloaking, and more.

Effectively Sell Multiple Products From 1 ClickBank Account Use your existing ClickBank account effectively to sell lots of products, not just one.

Works Across Multiple Web Sites Got 2 (or 3, 4, 5… or many more) websites – CBMultiLink lets you provide affiliate landing pages on all of them.

Save On Account Management Fees and Hassle Use your existing ClickBank vendor account, don’t pay to activate a new one!

Increase Your Chances Of Closing A Sale Affiliate links are directed to product-specific or audience-specific landing pages, describing the exact product that the affiliate is promoting, thus maximizing the chance of turning each visitor into a customer.

Boost Your ClickBank Marketplace Listing All your affiliate sales of all your products will go through one account which is the best way to maximize your "gravity" rating and rise up in the marketplace listings – making it easier to recruit new affiliates.

Gives Your Affiliates Confidence CBMultiLink allows your affiliates to use ClickBank hoplinks to link to your product-specific and audience-specific landing pages. This helps gives them confidence that their commissions will be tracked correctly.

Link Generator for Your Affiliates CBMultiLink contains an easy-to-use form that your affiliates can use to generate their affiliate links to all the landing pages that you offer.

Link Cloaking for Your Affiliates CBMultiLink allows you to offer your affiliates the option of cloaking their links (to hide their affiliate id and prevent "commission theft" by people removing or substituting it).

Payment Link Cloaking…

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