Truth About Lipoma by James Reynolds

"This is a true story of how I naturally cured my Lipoma lumps at home…" "And how I’ve not seen another lump in over 18 months!".

If you have Lipoma lumps and you’re looking for a way to get rid of them naturally then please read every word on this web page because it can change your life!

My name is James Reynolds and I’m going to share a true and very personal story about my own battle with Lipoma.

I noticed my first Lipoma lump on the back of my arm when I was 14 years old. It wasn’t too bad at first, I just let it go. About a year later I noticed another pop up on my back. At first, I didn’t really mind. Then, it got bigger, I started to hide it and because very self conscious about it. I actually remember in the 10th grade a girl saw it and was so grossed out she screamed. Then coarse, all of her friends decided to come over and stare at it.. It was horrible..

"Ewwww, gross, he’s got a disease"… These comments went through my head right up until I was 27 years old!. By that age I had numerous lumps all over my body. Over the years my personality changed.. I was shy, would never take my shirt of at the beach and lost a lot of confidence. By the age of 27 I had enough of being that guy.. I knew if I wanted to show my true colors I need to do something about my Lipoma. I realized. Life’s short, I could sit back and accept the fact that I would never be the person I wanted to be, or I could get up and do something about it. You should have seen me.. I was like a crazed collage student prepping for a big exam as I read countless medical journals, researched for hours online, spoke to professionals in the industry. I just wouldn’t quit. I locked myself away for a good 6 weeks as I studied all about Lipoma and how I could rid myself of this horrible condition using only natural techniques. You see, I could have surgery to remove the lumps, but that doesn’t stop them from growing in the first place, plus it’s super expensive.. To be 100% lump free I would literally need to live in a hospital to remove them as they come to life… NO THANKS! Well, after my eyes turned square from the countless hours on computers and being buried in books, I devised a trial that I would test on myself. Now, I don’t consider myself a lucky person, I’ve never won the lotto, never actually won anything over $4 on a pokie machine. But, just 2 weeks after I started testing my new found removal techniques I felt like I won the lotto a hundred times over. It wasn’t huge progress.. But I noticed 3 of my Lipoma lumps started getting smaller…

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