Total Six Pack Abs by Mark McManus – Get Ripped Fast With The Body Fat Furnace

“This is absolutely the best and fastest way to torch every unwanted pound of fat from your body…while still making gains in the gym” ~ Mark McManus

“Mark, I wish I had known about your program years ago. I’m 44 and for the first time in my life I have myself down to 9% body fat with abs to show. 2 years ago I started to diet, lift and do a ton of cardio. I was at 27% bodyfat. After 19 months I had lost some weight, but also lost too much muscle and still couldn’t see any abs. I was still at 17% bodyfat and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I bought Total Six Pack Abs and did the program for exactly 6 weeks. The more I followed your guidelines the faster I started to cut.”

This is cool. Use these calculators to see just how long it’s going to take you to get a six-pack with this new system.

First, fill in your measurements in the body fat calculator to get your body fat percentage. Then enter this along with your total body weight to have the six-pack calculator tell you how long it will take you to get ripped and muscular with Total Six Pack Abs.

‘BEST CASE’ is how long it will take you at the quickest. ‘WORST CASE’ is the slowest you can expect to get there – and it’s still pretty fast! These type of results are to be expected as the norm with this system.

“Hi Mark, I thought I’d send you a thanks for helping me get where I want to be. This is my before and after – roughly 12 weeks apart. I was 218lbs before and 198lbs after.

I was strict enough on the diet for 90% of the time, the 10% being a little cheat meal or some drinks.

For 3 weeks prior to the end picture I did 1 x “Fat Flush” [1 x advanced fat loss nutritional technique revealed in the book] per week too and these worked wonders.

In fact, doing countless sit-ups, performing hours of cardio and starving yourself is the very worst way to get a six-pack. All that’ll do is burn precious muscle tissue and make you absolutely miserable. Trust me, I’ve been there in the past!

There is no other guide out there that so completely covers everything you need to know to get six-pack abs. This program is called ‘Total’ because it’s the total system, it’s all here. You need nothing else whatsoever.

And there’s more! We also set aside specific times to enjoy “off-limit” foods as well. You get to go a little nuts and satisfy all your sweet-tooth cravings on a regular basis!

Inside you’ll discover why this is not only good for your sanity, but how it actually helps the fat-burning and muscle-building process over…

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