"Blake Jamison, the man behind a Tinder hack that got him over 2,000 matches, dishes the dirt on how you can set Tinder on fire and stand out from the crowd."

"Blake Jamieson is trying to digitally play his way into women’s hearts, and it might actually be working."

"Promises real results, and fast. While that guarantee may sound like a questionable ad for a sketchy weight loss product, the team’s credentials are intensely legit — Jamieson’s Tinder hacks have been shared by a slew of respected sources (including Adweek and Business Insider)"

"Jamieson’s Tinderventure worked. [..] His number of Tinder matches increased exponentially, which in turn meant more messages. Many of them mentioned contacting him as a result of his fake Tinder “endorsement,” proving Jamieson’s theory about trust and credibility correct. "

TinderHacks is an eBook I’ve created using data from hundreds of hours and thousands of messages tested on Tinder.

YES! In addition to the eBook (PDF), TinderHacks comes with a .ZIP file full of images templates that you can start using right away. These templates will help your profile images pop, and also give you ready-to-share moments that are guaranteed to get responses from women.

TinderHacks is written for MEN who want to get more matches, messages, numbers, and dates from Tinder. The book covers everything from profile photos, writing the perfect bio, what to message women, how to move the conversation off Tinder, and how to get girls excited to meet you in person.

I am extremely confident you will love the content in TinderHacks. If you don’t, I have no problem issuing you a full refund. I’ve gotten nothing but praise from everyone who has purchased the book.

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