The Scoring Academy — Elite basketball training for serious players.

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"Augie, I literally started playing in December and worked super hard on the program and it payed off for sure. Before the program I would get really excited hitting one 3 pointer and now it’s not unusual to hit 4 or 5 in a row during the workout."

"Hey during my basketball season I averaged like 1 point per game maybe not even, lol.  But after 6 weeks I went to a basketball camp and the first day of 5 on 5 I scored 14 pts and I had 5 assists the next day I scored 13 pts and today I scored 17 pts."

"It helped me get back to the player I used to be and for that I thank you. My coach can’t say enough about me. He said "I was a happy surprise" when he saw me at tryouts and that he thinks I can be a really good player in our league (CCAA in Canada)."

Everything that is included in TSA is designed to make you a better player and is laid out in a step by step format for you to easily follow and improve.  Simply watch the videos, take the workouts to the gym, and apply them to skyrocket your game.

Whether you decide to access your workouts on your mobile device or wish to print out your workouts we have you covered!

We offer 2 different ways to access your workouts.  Either download our "Easy Print" versions to print or put our more in depth digital versions on your mobile device.

Either watch the full video with all coaching points or if you’re in the middle of the workout…we offer quick-view videos as well that will show you how to execute the drill in half the time.

Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

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