The Physique Formula – How To Get Your Ultimate Body

Well if you’re like me and millions of other people out there who have suffered through harsh diet after harsh diet with little, if any, results to show for it, then you’re probably sick and tired of using low carb diet.

On this EXACT page, I’m going to reveal the ONE main reason why your body will not ALLOW you to lose stubborn fat and get ripped.Then I’m going to provide you with the most advanced, strategic and fastest plan to help you SUPERCHARGE your average metabolism in as little as 10 days….

As I started getting hired by elite mixed martial artists and NHL athletes, I began to look deeper and deeper into the actual research behind fast and permanent fat loss.

The old “law of thermodynamics” otherwise known as “calories in versus calories out” just flat out DOESN’T worked and has NEVER worked.

Maybe it worked for a week but it doesn’t work for 3 months or 3 years to achieve that lean look at you want.

How many times have you cut calories to lose weight only to continually find yourself hitting a wall time and time again?

You end up burning yourself out because you figure that you need to eat even LESS than you did before?

You know what else will happen to you? You’ll be a left with a metabolism so damaged from the lack of calories and hours of exercise that you minute you start to raise your calories again you’ll gain A LOT of weight back FAST

This creates an interesting problem however. If you have to create a caloric deficit to lose fat but a diet with less calories is BAD for long term body composition then how do you create a favorable fat loss environment?

Do you want to read 767 research papers on insulin sensitivity, cortisol regulation, leptin resistance, epigenetics, and lipolysis?

Do you want to take the long hours working with 536 clients including over 130 physique competitors, 15 elite mixed martial artists and 1 world champion to “perfect” a system so that everyone can benefit, not just elite athletes?

As I continued to work with elite athletes and physique competitors I got neck deep in fat loss research. I read countless hard to find metabolism and hormones journal, I interviewed hundreds of doctors and other functional medicine practitioners. Along the way I develop a POWERFUL line of thinking—to question EVERYTHING that we BLINDLY accepted as fact…

Fitness magazines and big supplement companies WANT you to turn a blind eye and eat the same garbage and use the same low calorie, restrictive diets so you get so frustrated that you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to turn to their OVERPRICED and WORTHLESS fat burners….

That’s why I HAD to release The Physique Formula, I had to give you a BETTER, FASTER and HEALTHIER way to burn body fat and get ripped.

The program normally costs $35.00…

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