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The question you need to ask yourself is – "Do you want to take drugs or stay on drugs if you don’t have to?"

Because when you find and treat the root cause of your hypothyroidism … possibly you won’t need drugs at all once you’ve balanced your system.

You need to also ask yourself – "Do you want to explore this alternative before committing to a lifetime of medication?"

And, in the circumstances where you still need to take the drugs, following this solution will support your thyroid and overall well being – giving you a much better quality of life.

When you use natural therapies to treat any health problem – and in this case – the hypothyroidism solution not only balances your thyroid … it balances your whole body.

The truth is … given half a chance … your body will heal itself. You just need to give it the right environment for this to happen. This solution … does just that – by following the protocols with the help of your health care provider – you prepare the right environment for your body to do the best it can in your unique circumstances.

"Duncan, I have found your ebook really good, easy to follow and it makes a lot of sense. It has given me a guide to follow, and I have learnt a lot about my condition that I never could have got from my doctor. "The indications are that I am better. I have lost all of 7 kilos (15 pounds), and the dry itchy skin has all healed. My hands had been dry and cracked and getting infected for about 7 months, and there is not a sign of it now."

"…I’ve never looked back since. I feel so much healthier, I’m not tired anymore, I’m eating better, don’t feel bloated or stressed. My skin is not dry. My joints don’t hurt as much. It’s surprising what you can do with the correct information explained to you right. I could never understand why I could not lose weight. I even spent 6 months at the gym, going everyday doing two hours each time and still could not lose the weight. Now I’m on day 34 of the hypothyrodism solution, I’ve lost 8.5 kgs, dropped a couple of dress sizes, and now feel good, sleep better and have heaps of energy. I’ve even come off my levothyrozine tablets!…"

"I am 38 years old, and was diagnosed last year with subclinical Hashimoto’s disease–not yet so bad as to require hormone therapy, but suffering lots of the symptoms such as fatigue, low moods, heavy menstruation and weight gain. "From the first week on [after trying The Hypothyroidism Solution], I have had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and moods, and in five weeks I have lost 4 kilos (9 pounds)."

"When I began the program, my TSH was 0.289 and my antibodies (anti TPO) was 193.5. Today (about 10 weeks later) my TSH is 2.03 and my antibodies are 116.9. "I…

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