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Let me tell you an amazing (true) story that happened to me right on my birhtday… I was partying with a few of my buddies in a very popular nightclub, waiting for my girl (with whom I was in an open relationship) to show up…

I went to the bathroom when this dude approaches me and tells me: "Hey man, this is your lucky night! I have a friend who wants to meet you…" I said "ok" so he takes me to this drop dead gorgeous brunette who was patiently waiting for us a few feet away. She was really skinny and taller than me…

We talked, for a few minutes and I told her we’re gonna talk some more inside. Sure enough, she came by my table and started dancing like crazy with her back to me (while her friend was in front of her, telling her my reactions).

I didn’t even have time to "allocate" to her because another crazy-cute girl who was near my table, started putting her glasses on MY TABLE while peeking to see my raction as well.

Well, they didn’t get to see too much of me because my girl eventually showed up. But the qustion remains:

All I had to do is go to the club and then have fun. NO approaches, NO weird anxiety, NO nothing. The girls did everything.

I’m sure that by now you’re wondering: what made them act the way they did? Why would a woman who gets approached by hundreds of men, have the nerve to approach a guy? (Especially an average looking one such as myself)

Women are hardwired to find good-looking fit, strong males and mate with them. In their lizard brains, they are the breeders. They need "resources" and stick around men who have them. (That’s how the evolutionist theory goes.)

They’re consciously and unconsciously looking for guys who meet their deepest desires. And there’s nothing you can do about it..

But what you CAN do is change the way you dress and transform yourself into a good-looking bad-boy that will make them wet just by being in the same room with them…

Don’t go out on another date, don’t go to another interview, don’t even go out until you read the rest of this page!

By far, the fastest and easiest way of conveying that you’re worthy of sex is through your clothes. Clothes communicate social status, self-confidence and wealth.

Now I didn’t came to this conclusion on my own. I read dozens of articles, studies, I watched every TV show I could find, that discussed the appearance issue. I was stunned…

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