The Adsense Millionaire –

I actually have a confession, I was pretty reluctant to put this up. You see even though I’ve made over $1,000,000 with Adsense ads, I actually don’t consider myself an expert.

It’s almost so simple it could almost be written on one page, (it’s not though, I actually give lots of detail) but it works and I guess that’s all that matters.

The other day though, I was browsing through a forum and started noticing LOTS of threads like “where do I start?” or “I get traffic but no one clicks on my ads” or “Is X a good niche to get into?”

I gotta tell you I am thanking the good lord and the universe for getting me to click through and watch your stuff…usually hard to consume content with the info overload we all have to overcome.

The traffic part is simple (In fact I’ll show you how to easily tap into keywords that get MILLIONS OF SEARCHES PER MONTH for 5 to 10 cents and no it’s not Google content network, Facebook, Plenty of Fish or PPV)

My favorite analogy: it’s like a huge river and you just go down to it, with a big spoon, and dip some out for yourself.

The problem is turning some traffic you get into REAL MONEY. Not $5 a month… but “car payment money, rent and bill money, MAN… I really like that new BMW”…that kind of money…

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