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When I first tried this cleanse I was worried I wouldn’t like it. It turns out it was not what I expected. I became addicted to the smoothies! Following this program I’ve dropped 12 pounds. My face is smoother and brighter, my body feels lighter, and I’ve lost inches off my waistline. Even my friends say that I look fresher and healthier.

The craziest thing is that I don’t even crave junk food anymore. This completely changed my life and my patterns. I want to pass it on to my family. Thank you for the challenge. I’m happily addicted to my new lifestyle.

Fantastic program! I was able to reach my weight loss goal in just 10 days. I even substituted some of the recipes and still got the same benefit and flavor. My energy shot up for work and school and I even felt like exercising after. I lost belly fat where I wanted at the separation of my lower and upper abdomen. I got rid of it! Thank you for this.

I’m not going to lie. The first two days were hard for me. But, by day three I felt more motivated and full of energy. I knew this was working. At the end of day 10 I had lost just shy of 10 pounds. The biggest deal was the difference I could feel in my body. My skin looked clearer and I just felt good on the inside. I think this cleanse is great for those just wanting to look and feel healthy! My waistline seems slimmer and my love handles are barely visible! This cleanse gave me the boost I needed – thank you so much.

Body fat melts off from day one because your fat cells won’t have access to the fat-swelling fuel that keeps you fat (expect to drop 10-15 pounds in the next 10 days).

You’ll feel incredible and energized because you’ll be nourishing your body and brain with delicious smoothies that pack far more nutrients than the foods you’re eating now.

You’ll flush out months (even years) worth of the environmental and food-based toxic build-up that’s currently poisoning your body and robbing you of optimal health, energy and mental stamina.

Throughout this cleanse, you’ll be nourishing all your cells with a steady intake of nutrients that will help:

All of this WITHOUT starving yourself, constantly battling hunger, or having to count calories. These are just a fraction of the life-altering, health-boosting, weight-eliminating benefits of this simple, easy-to-follow health cleanse.

As soon as you sign into the personalized member’s area, you’ll be met with a friendly, easy-to-understand treasure-chest of knowledge, filled with everything you need to make this cleanse work perfectly for you. The key to this program’s success is in the carefully selected, nutrient-dense food combinations that force your body to release stubborn body…

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