Super Affiliate Page

From: Keith Purkiss Dear Info Product Seller, I will keep this letter short and simple. As long as you own a digital product of any kind, you need this one essential ingredient: Affiliates. If you are in business for profit, you will know that Affiliates, Affiliates, Affiliates is as crucial to a website as location, location, location is to real estate. Without Affiliates, a website – or an Online Business – will suffer, deteriorate, wither out, and eventually be destroyed. This will put your entire efforts to shame and waste because even the best sales copy ever written will not see a chance to be put to the test. You cannot win the war by yourself – you need to build an army of affliliates and keep them loyal to you. The truth is that you need to give your affiliates everything they need or they will go awol and join someone else’s army. I don’t know about you but I spend many hours struggle to prepare everything affiliates need. I tried software but it was so complicated and didnt do half of what’s really needed.

Now for the good news… There’s a powerful set of tools that allows you to create your super affiliate page in minutes instead of hours (or days) And the BETTER news… Affiliate Retention has never been so simple before! Super Affiliate Page is the most powerful weapon ever released to lock in your affiliates and make sure they don’t become deserters. You won’t just win one battle…

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