Starve Mode

My name is Leigh Peele. I am a trainer, author, and layman researcher. I truly believe one of my purposes in life, narcissistic or not, is to help people help themselves. Writing Starve Mode was one of my greatest accomplishments. I wrote this book because it needed to be written. There is a sea of confusion that is clogging the minds and hearts of people in regards to metabolic behavior, weight loss, and "starvation." Confusion that is so aggressive, it can lead to eating disorders and severe physical and psychological distress. I want to be apart of stopping that confusion. Because of that, I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it and it brings you the education you have deserved all along. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do you want the truth about hormones? This is your science-based hormone bible. Want to make sense out of nutrition and fitness research? You’ll get step-by-step coaching on how to find it, read it, make sense of it and become your own expert in the process. True to the style of Leigh’s entire body of work – her books, blogs and podcasts – Starve Mode is one-hundred percent objective and evidence-based, so you can trust that the information is accurate, or even go verify the data or investigate further yourself. You’ll learn enough science after one read to be the most informed person in your gym, or even in your entire town – that’s how deep the detail is.

I never had any real issues with my body. I never hated myself or engaged in stupid or destructive behavior. Simple problem, simple fix. After I turned 24, however, things in my personal life began to go south faster and faster. I developed a serious eating disorder. It never had anything to do with my looks as I was not overweight. It had everything to do with my desperate need to have absolute control over my life. All I wanted was to be left completely alone and hopefully one morning I simply wouldn’t wake up. At my lowest I weighed about 83 lbs. I joined the forum and began to repair. I hadn’t even gone for one day without hours of intense activity. So the idea of absolutely no activity seemed the most daunting I’d faced yet. For the first time in years, I feel sure of where I’m going. I’ve lost over 10 lbs so far and I’ve got about 15 more to go. It’s far from over, but at least now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

She has done the research, knows what works and what doesn’t, and understands what her clients and customers want. She does not refute science and the energy balance like so many "gurus" out there, but knows there can by many roadblocks, both mental and physical, toward achieving the look that people want. Leigh has helped me put together a plan to restore my…

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