Shin Splints Treatment – A Step By Step Guide

If you give me just a few minutes of your time, I’ll show you a simple step-by-step method for getting rid of shin splints quickly and permanently, but first let me introduce myself….

My name is Gary Buchenic and for almost 10 years, I suffered from agonizing shin splints, searching for a way to end my problem that caused me frustration and a whole lot of pain.

I couldn’t run, play a game of football or go for one of my beloved morning jogs, without aggravating my “suicidal” shin splints.

I spent a small fortune on every conceivable treatment available. I spent months seeing an podiatrist on a weekly basis… all with mediocre results.

The same thing happened every time. I would follow the treatment to the letter. My shin splints would improve over several days, just in time for my next training session.

I couldn’t enjoy my favourite sports because the pain was unbearable. This condition was messing up my life… and driving me nuts in the process!

It was a day I’ll never forget – I was going for a jog around the wonderful Albert Park Lake here in Melbourne, Victoria when all of a sudden my knees buckled as a gut-wrenching shot of pain rippled through my shins, and I collapsed in a heap.

That experience forced me to develop an overwhelming desire to find a PERMANENT solution to my shin splints.

Drawing upon my experience as a personal trainer, I went on a quest for real, practical answers to this condition.

I spent hours every day learning everything I could about physiology, anatomy and biomechanics. I spoke to physiotherapists, podiatrists, coaches and personal trainers.

I became a man on a mission. I resolved to do “whatever it takes” to get this problem handled and nothing was going to stop me.

But if we’d just stop and listen to our bodies for a moment we’d realize that the pain we’re experiencing is trying to give us a valuable message…

In the case of shin splints, the pain is trying to alert you to specific underlying problems that are causing the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your shin bone to tear away from the bone…

After many years of research, I’ve narrowed the underlying causes of shin splints down to 3 problems…

If you’re suffering from shin splints it’s not a matter of whether you have these problems, it’s a matter of which ones and how many. 

As long as these problems remain untreated, your pain will NEVER go away, at least not in the long term…

Just like a fire can’t survive without oxygen to fuel it, you’re shin splints cannot possibly persist when these underlying issues are eliminated.

So here’s the bottom line is… By identifying and treating the specific problems that are causing your shin splints you can get rid of this condition quickly, easily and permanently – guaranteed!

After years of trial, error and experimentation…

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