This 28-page ebook covers all you need to know about candlestick patterns to trade them profitably. Candlestick indicator is telling you what the market is doing right now. When used in conjunction with standard technical indicators, you get an ultimate trading system.

Once a trader becomes familiar with candlestick charting, he can get a quick and highly visual signal because of the story candlesticks tell. The psychology of the market results in simple patterns we can read.

Reliable candlestick patterns can predict market reversals – either minor corrections, or full trend reversals.

You must have noticed that the markets tend to range more than they trend. In fact, the markets range about 70% of the time. Fortunately, the Forex market is uniquely suited to accommodate both styles, providing trend and range traders with opportunities for profit. A definite plan about where to enter, where to place Stop Loss and where to exit.

As opposed to the Pin-ball strategy, we don’t look for quick and small profits here. We catch the trend and ride, making a large profit in a single trade. Thousands of pips on daily trends. A definite plan about where to enter, where to place Stop Loss and where to exit.

This way we have predicted the big fall on EUR/JPY. While most traders were buying because they believed that the uptrend has finally recovered, we sold with confidence using a tight Stop Loss. How?!

If you cut the profits too soon, the big move with profit potential is missed. Now, here is the solution.

When a divergence pattern forms, look for the opposite direction and never stay with the trend as the crowd does. This 17-page ebook will teach you how to recognize divergence patterns and catch the big moves.

Have you ever wondered why the market turns against you when you jump on a promising looking market trend? The most tempting signal is probably a trap! Divergence masters know how to enter in the opposite direction just before the trend turns!

Close the half of the position as explained above and let the remaining profits run. You have a chance to re-enter the trend and continue to make money.

To prevent over-trading, we have found a way to recognize the clear divergence patterns. And you don’t need to care about this, the Golden Rule has been already built in the Divergence Pattern Recognizer!

Experience has shown that this can be used as a great confirmation tool for any trading strategy. If you already have a trading strategy or you plan to learn more trading strategies in the future, think of implementing the next steps into your system.

After payment, the website will ask you to enter MetaTrader account number (just number). In order to prevent Internet piracy, we license the product to specific The account number is shown at the upper left corner of your platform. Example:

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