Renegade Diet Book – by Jason Ferruggia

While shockingly effective, The Renegade Diet is the easiest-to-follow, least intrusive diet plan you’ll ever try. Instead of suffering with plain, boring foods you get to feast til your hearts content every night of the week.

Imagine eating delicious carb stuffed meals every night, enjoying a decadent dessert, and STILL waking up leaner… Yes, this is not another “diet” ebook.

With The Renegade Diet, you always eat your biggest meal at dinner (yes, even carbs). This is excellent from a social aspect. People love the freedom of this diet, the energy/mental focus they get and the fact that they get to have a huge dinner and dessert every night.

So it’s not like Paleo or Atkins or other diets like that. And while it includes some elements of intermittent fasting, it’s not about that. It’s also not based on long hours in the gym. It IS based on eating wholesome, real food (not another giant ad for supplements like many books out there).

A lot of people fear that a diet that works has to be very strict and hard. Not true. For many this is the easiest diet they’ve ever followed. I designed this to be a lifestyle change, not a diet you go on for 2 weeks. Any permanent behavioral change has to be easy to implement for it to work.

The advice in this book is based on my fanatical personal experimentation and the best nutrition research out there, but laid out in a simple, very readable way. I’ve made sure the content is clear without being patronizing or “dumbing down” information.

With some intermittent fasting you let your liver get fully recover, so it’s only taxed for 8-10 hours a day instead of 16. This ensures that insulin stays low all day, keeping your body in a fat burning state longer. Also – with fully restored guts more food you eat is actually digested.

You need to balance when to eat and what to eat with how your body works. It plays out like this: you’ll have a fasting period followed by a few light meals consisting mainly of protein, fat, and vegetables. You will have off the charts energy levels and razor sharp focus (improved productivity at work). At night, you have a four-hour “feast” where you get most of your carbs for the day.

The fasting phase is designed to give your digestive system a break and speed fat loss. It can improve insulin sensitivity and promote greater release of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors, and it lets you maintain steady energy and mental focus throughout the day. The nightly feast creates a slight anabolic effect so you can gain muscle, and it helps you fall into a deeper, more restful sleep.

Does this make a difference? You bet it does—both internally, in terms of the efficiency with which your body functions and externally with how you look.


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