Pro Link CLoaker

Are you tired doing promotion? Still..You didn’t catch the big money yet? The truth is you need to..

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Hi..truely speaking, affiliate id or url is not that appealing to click or retyped by our prospect buyer. Why i say that?

Answer: They need to click a link like this where your affiliate id is shown there. Do you as a normal human being want to give this commission money for free to this man?

Yes if he will give some bonus if you bought form his link.. BUT NOT if they get nothing unless the product they’re buying.

SOOOOOO… they will delete his id and click to without "r=wanmus"..

Solution: Cloak or mask your affiliate link with a link cloaker.. and of course we suggest you a great Pro Link Cloaker! or

Pro Link Cloaker is an easy link cloaking, link masking, link directing and link shortening system that works like a Pro. Most GURU use this tool to protect their commission.

Customize it yourself – easily choose your own catchy title and directory (example: goto, go, web, link etc)

Easy to use control panel – User friendly control panel makes it easy to be used even if you don’t have technical skills

From now on, they just need to know what…

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