Pregnancy Without Pounds – Weight Loss E-book for Pregnant Women

My name is Michelle Moss. For the past 8 years I’ve been the leading expert online in pregnancy fitness.

I’ve helped thousands of women around the world minimize their weight gain, enjoy their pregnancies, have an easy labor and regain their figures in record time.

It all started when I fell pregnant in April 2002 when I was determined NOT to be like all those unhappy women out there complaining about the last 10-20 pounds of baby weight.

Using my 15 years of experience as a Health and Nutrition Coach, a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, a Kinesiology Diploma, Psychology Degree, a Personal Training Certificate and speaking to many leading industry experts, I finally found the answers to ALL of my questions.

I started to do a TON of research and found information that even with my background in fitness and nutrition I was stunned. The good news is that after hours and hours of research and talking to many healthy experts I did find all the answers.

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They indulge in their cravings, stop exercising and use pregnancy as an excuse to eat the house – I’ve got to admit even as health conscious as I was, chocolate sundaes we’re just too tempting!

Do you find yourself making excuses like "Well if I’m craving it, then it may have something in it that the baby needs." While sometimes this is true – it can also be dead wrong. I decided to crack the craving puzzle. I found that while there are some cravings that are GOOD and do tell you what you are lacking in your diet. Others are a sign of a poor diet or overindulgence. For instance if you’re craving foods with a lot of sodium, it’s probably a sign that you are eating too many foods that are high in sugar. Once I learned the code, it was SO MUCH EASIER to handle the cravings and deal with them in the right way.

Nutrition plays a big role in how you feel during pregnancy. There’s no denying it, when you have a big belly, feel nauseous and have aches and pains – the last thing you feel like doing is getting up off the couch to cook a healthy meal or even think about what you should be eating. And really that’s why most pregnant women gain more weight than they should and feel downright miserable during pregnancy. They don’t take care of themselves!

The facts show that the baby will take what it needs from the mother, even if that means taking calcium from their bones or depleting their iron reserves making them anemic. So really if you want to take care of yourself, you must get all the nutrients you need to grow your baby from the food you eat and not your body reserves. If you do this you will feel GREAT during pregnancy and…

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