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Rob has been interviewed at least 30 times by various publishers and professionals on topics such as affiliate team development, overall success tips, fear of loss tactics, automation and leverage concepts, joint ventures, freelancing, traffic generation and has spoken in front of audiences on joint ventures as well as automation and leverage principles.

“Much of today’s “internet marketing” scene revolves around JV deals and affiliate recruiting.It’s a leveraged and free way to get traffic (in fact, warm, endorsed traffic) to a product offer.I can attribute $500,000 worth of sales to affiliates sending me traffic” Rob Toth

By including Affiliates and JV partners to help you promote your products in your business model you are exponentially increasing the amount of sales you make.

“It’s just smart business to use and leverage Affiliates. The additional Web presence and traffic you get from their efforts can take you to page 1 in search engines faster than anything you can do on your own.So by supplying them with tools that take only seconds to implement will always pay you back for your investment…time and time again. Doing otherwise shows a complete lack of understanding marketing principles and hinders all of the valuable time you have already devoted to your products development and promotional efforts ”

I am going to assume that you already have an Affiliates page because you understand that by using Affiliates you can reach a much wider audience and increase the amount of sales…

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