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Oprah’s love expert reveals the hand job tips and secrets that give all men intoxicating pleasure. Afterwards, he will be so passionately in love with you and NEVER want to let you go.  

Not long ago I surveyed thousands of my subscribers and 82% of MEN admitted that they would take an awesome hand job over a *good* blow job any day.

He searched Craigslist for someone giving massages so he could save money over going to a clinic. The masseuse had a nice office with a professional massage table in the basement of her home with an outside entrance. 

As Matt tells the story, she instructed him to undress completely, lie down on the massage table and cover his mid-section with a towel after she left the room to give him privacy. 

He has been featured in practically every major newspaper in the United States and is regularly mentioned in the nation’s top magazines like Men’s Health, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, New Man, Women’s Day, Family Circle and dozens others.

She came back in and began to soothe his tired and aching muscles with firm but tender strokes over the warm massage oil she slathered on his body.

Matt said the orgasm was so intense that he shot his load over his head, something he had not done for decades. He said the orgasm came in wave after wave and the intense pleasure seemed to last for minutes. He said the lady cleaned him up with a warm wash cloth and left the room. (I’ve had plenty of massages myself and true professionals in the industry do not give "happy endings" like this).

He admitted that he’d kept going back to this lady because he was "addicted to her hand jobs". He felt so incredibly guilty for cheating on his wife and that is why he invited me out for coffee.

I asked him why he didn’t ask his wife to give him genital massages that he found so incredibly intense. He said that he knows what feels good, he just has a hard time communicating it in the bedroom. He said she did stroke him but it wasn’t anything special and actually at times it was not pleasurable at all.

I thought I could whip out a guide in one night. But the more I thought about it and researched I realized that giving an amazing hand job is not a simple thing. I mean, if you want to give a guy such intense pleasure that he’ll be ADDICTED TO YOU AND YOUR HANDS, then I couldn’t just slap something together.

Fortunately I have a mailing list of nearly 100,000 men who are very willing to share very personally  on this topic. I asked their advice on their favorite positions, techniques and locations to receive hand jobs. I wanted to know what drove them insane with pleasure…

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