No Red Face Formula™ – Cure Your Asian Flush Now

Imagine finally being able to drink alcohol without an embarrassing red face. Because, unlike other products that only reduce flushing, our treatment program will completely cure your red alcohol flushing and allow you to drink in public as soon as tonight without any of your annoying symptoms.

Severe reactions to acetaldehyde can often leave sufferers with a bad migraine-like headache. The No Red Face Formula will ensure that you can now drink alcohol without ever having to worry about the onset of this debilitating symptom.

Tachycardia refers to a heart rate over 100 beats per minute and is common symptom of acetaldehyde poisoning and one of the first signs that your reaction has started. Our formula combats the build up of acetaldehyde and ensures the maintenance of a normal heart rate while drinking alcohol.

Another common symptom of alcohol flushing is a general respiratory tightness that can cause a tendency to take shallower more restricted breaths. Our treatment will ensure that the acetaldehyde build up caused by your reaction does not reach levels that would result in respiratory discomfort.

It is not uncommon for sufferers to experience unpleasant symptoms of nausea during a drinking session and also the next day. Our formula will ensure that you can drink alcohol without experiencing nausea and also significantly reduce the effects of a hangover the next morning.

Alcohol is not good for our bodies and can prevent certain bodily functions from operating at peak levels. Whether it be for yourself or your partner, we offer a few simple and easy to follow tricks that will ensure your body is functioning optimally even after a big night of drinking.

The No Red Face Formula is an empirically tested cure for Asian flush that has helped over 2,150 satisfied customers take control of their embarrassing problem.

The key to our unique formula is a proprietary step-by-step treatment program that combines an essential array of pre-drink procedures and a carefully selected daily supplement regime to enable you to:

Our expertise in the field has been sought after by the likes of BBC Asian Network to provide expert guidance for a BBC news report about alcohol flushing. Our formula has also received positive reviews on Yahoo! News and Top News Today. We are now excited to finally share this knowledge with you!

Not only that! We also sufferer from the disorder ourselves.  This means that we know exactly how you feel and exactly what is needed to completely cure your embarrassing symptoms.

“…I was initially very doubtful that this would work, primarily because I had been told by my doctor that there was very little I could do about my alcohol flushing.  I had also tried a few herbal formulas that only seemed to weaken the flush, so I was very pleased to see how your cure actually eliminates the whole flush.  I drink in public now without anyone knowing I have an alcohol flush problem.”

“…Yes, I was quite sure that…

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