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Most of my life I have had trouble remembering my dreams. Last night I listened to your binaural beat recording and my dream recollections are vivid. I definitely enjoyed an improved state of consciousness and for the first time in a long time, I dreamt in awesome color! Thanks – Joseph G

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Sound, chanting, vibrations….the power of acoustics has been manipulated and leveraged by mankind for thousands of years. Sounds trigger memories, stir energy and heal. MP3 Meditation Club strives to provide you with top-notch audio products that stimulate brainwaves and provide a range of far-reaching benefits for your body, mind and soul. We’d like to take you through two important concepts in sound technology that form the basis of our audio offerings, which have been extremely therapeutic for our satisfied and fast-growing list of customers.

Pulses of sound (and light) when transmitted rhythmically attract an electric response from the brain. In other words, the brain discharges an electric charge and falls in step with the sound stimulus. Quick and consistent sound stimuli can resemble the brain’s internal rhythm (known as ‘brainwaves’). The brain then synchronizes its electric cycles to this rhythm in a phenomenon known as FFR or Frequency Following Response. The idea behind brain entrainment is to induce or alter mental and physical states, and here’s where its benefits lie.

Imagine being able to modify your brainwave frequency to stimulate relaxation, positivity, a higher state of meditation, lightness and enhance concentration.

To get an idea about how your brain responds to a rhythmic auditory stimulus, please see the diagram below.

You can see the brain is changing its frequency to that of the dominant auditory environment. Explained in simple terms, it means that if you receive a sound pattern with a frequency of say 5Hz, which is associated with relaxation or light sleep, your brain will also mimic the 5Hz pattern to make you more relaxed and/or induce a state of light sleep. You can apply this concept to diverse mental states and experience the benefit that you seek.

Brainwaves in different frequency bands are linked…

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