MindMaster has helped thousands of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, even if they have tried many times before…

Watch this 8 minute video to learn how you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your goals

"The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions …. "

By using subliminal text and images to focus on your subconscious mind MindMaster produces instant and powerful suggestions to your mind, your attitude, your self-image, your habits–whatever you’ve chosen to heal or help. MindMaster flashes your chosen affirmations–both words and images–on your computer screen while you work or play.

You won’t even be aware they’re working. But your subconscious acts like a powerful receiver, taking them all in and acting on them to make instantly to start changing your life. Change so profound you’ll be astonished! Change that comes from inside you! You’re still you, but it’s as if all the layers that held you back have been stripped away. You’ll feel a greater sense of joy in life, in personal freedom, and you will bless the day that the transformational power of MindMaster started making such a difference

Imagine what you could accomplish with a powerful subconscious belief in yourself! A belief that grows with every minute you spend at your computer! Using Mindmaster you could be…

Overcoming the desire to pick up a cigarette, – while reading your email

Becoming more personable and attractive to others, – as you surfed the web

Augmenting your powers of concentration and memory, – playing video games!

It starts with a conscious decision: – the decision to purchase MindMaster Software. Then all you have to do is decide who you want to be…

"… to my surprise I seem to have stopped the major craving I have had for ice cream…"

Dear Tony: I started the program less than a month ago. It was easy to add pictures and add affirmations. I have tried pills, diets, and it was always a painful road which I ended up taking a U-TURN back to my old habits.

The changes were very subtle – to my surprise I seem to have stopped the major craving I have had for ice cream (which I ate every night with choc syrup and whipped cream!) I still may have it if my husband grabs a bowl, but the portion is much smaller….

I also use the memory program: One of the affirmations are "I have a photographic memory when I look at numbers in my job or at my charge card, I have found I remember an entire string by just glancing up at them! I’m talking 6 or 8 non-sequential numbers!

I have to be honest, I was a skeptic at first. I have difficulty believing in some products that claim to be ‘subconsious’ and what not. But this time something serious happened. I couldn’t quit smoking. I tried the patch and even an anti-smoking medication. They didn’t do…

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