MFM7 – Forex Trading Robot

Let me introduce myself, my name is Matthew, I am a programmer, web developer, and currency trader. For the past 7 years I’ve been designing a Forex trading robot in the MQL4 programming language that I’ve dubbed MFM7. I am now putting this expert advisor up for sale.

I’ve developed an EA that can earn an astonishing 50% a month with a low draw down, in a real live account. My EA is not a martingale, nor does it multiple risk in any way. The EA trades 2 strategies and takes up to 2 trades at a time per pair, 0.01 lots per every $100 in the balance, and the max risk per pair is about 8%. Forward tested over 2 years, back tested over 5 years the EA is profitable in every Forex pair, in any market condition!

I designed this Forex robot myself, it’s not some piece of junk that I downloaded… I’ve purchased every hyped-up EA under the sun, and none of them worked for me. One big issue with commercial EAs is that they are too complex and overly backtested, something Forex traders often call "curve fitting."

I’ve since realized that in-order for an EA to be profitable in forward testing, you need a simple strategy that is profitable in backtesting with all pairs by understanding and continually adapting to recent market conditions.

The key to accomplishing this is understanding that each currency pair is like a person, the market responds differently at different times of day, its actions depend upon it’s recent past actions, and all pairs have a personality. Once you get to the core of market personality, the money simply spills out.

"Please tell Your EA Thanks for him, he is doing great, I’m going to tell many friends to use." – Ashraf

My EA is recommended for 20 different pairs, and uses the same strategy in all pairs. The strategy is simple, it uses default indicator parameters and forward-tests as well as it back-tests. This EA does not use a martingale strategy, it does not multiply risk in any way, or do anything that gives the illusion of increased probability. It will never take more than 2 trades per pair, and never risk more than about 8% per pair. My EA does not require hedging, leverage higher than 50:1 and is FIFO compliant.

The minimum recommended account balance is $1000 for a standard lot account (0.1 minimum lots), and $100 for a micro lot account (0.01 minimum lots). Any non-desk dealing broker with reasonable spreads and fast execution will do fine.

100% Money Back Guarantee – If your account fails to make a profit within 60 days, using the default settings, I will refund your full purchase, no questions asked.

Many EAs sell for as much as $500 and don’t live up to expectation. I am offering my EA for the introductory price of $99. The EA and setup instructions will be made available to…

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