Mesmerize Him… And Make Him Love You Forever

"Who Else Wants To Attract A Man, Make Him Fall In Love With You, And Shower You With Everything You Could Possibly Want!"

Dear Friend, Have you ever had a situation with a man that you couldn’t make sense of… even when you re-ran it over and over in your head? Have you ever thought any of the following:

My contact list went from 505 people to 301. That’s how many frogs I had to go through! I remember being SO CONFUSED every time something failed. I thought I knew men, I really did! I asked male friends, I read self help dating books, I went on dates with men who weren’t my typical "type"… and I’d still find THEM. You know the ones. Have you ever dealt with…

The man who wouldn’t commit . You might have really cared about him and had very strong feelings. Maybe you thought he felt the same – but he’d never make it official and seemed nonchalant about it all.

The man who took you for granted. You’d do so much for him, but nothing seemed good enough. You were nurturing, feminine, and always there in times of trouble… and he didn’t seem to think anything of it.

The man you had a great date with… and then he never called . You were left bewildered, confused, and frustrated.

The man who left once you opened up emotionally to him. You finally got the nerve to tell him how you felt, and he slowly (or immediately) withdrew.

The man who left as soon as you had sex . You might have thought you could keep him once you guys slept together because you know you’re good in bed. Or maybe you thought you guys liked each other enough. Either way, he left and you were left feeling surprised.

The man you’re scared will leave you for another women . Maybe you’re in a relationship now, or maybe this was from a past relationship. You couldn’t put your finger on why, but you always felt like he might not feel 100% as into you as you were to him.

…You really need to learn exactly how to be the women men idolize. Pronto. And the good news it’s really not as hard as you think. There are just a few major rules you need to learn. The main problem comes down to the fact that women don’t understand men. They just don’t. They’ll turn to magazines with trite dime-store advice. They’ll ask their girlfriends (who also don’t know anything about men) or mirror unrealistic things that they see in movies or TV. I know women don’t understand men because if they did, everything would be different. Men would become powerless around you and treat you like a queen. They’d give you everything you could possibly want. They’d all of a sudden be romantic. They’d sweep you off your feet. The good news is that it’s never too late to have this, though. And if you want to…

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