‘Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month’ – Building Niche Websites And Blogs.

‘Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month’ is our step-by-step guide that teaches you everything you need to know about making money from niche affiliate websites and walks you by the hand every step of the way whether you’re new to this concept of making money online or are already a veteran site developer.

It really is quite simple to ‘Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month’ by working through our guide and it’s also quite possible to reach for higher numbers (ie: 30 to 50 grand a month) if you are willing to ‘treat it like a business’!

Our guide breaks down this entire business model into 10 easy to follow, image rich steps that walk you through every aspect of making money from niche affiliate websites.

* Target Market: Forged Golf Irons * Domain Name: http://www.ForgedGolfIrons.com * Site Platform: WordPress * Average Monthly Profit: £218.30 ($346.50)

* Target Market: Blade Golf Irons * Domain Name: http://www.BladeGolfIrons.com * Site Platform: Build A Niche Store (BANS) * Average Monthly Profit: £152.41 ($241.79)

From explaining the opportunity (in step 1), choosing profitable markets to target (in step 2), planning a site that will make you money (in step 3), explaining the value of content and how to write it (in step 4), building your actual website using WordPress or BANS (in step 5), marketing your website (in step 6), managing your website once live (in step 7), expanding your network by building more sites (in step 8…

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