Lose man boobs with Cliff Manchaster’s Chest Coach System

Are YOU suffering from man boobs or excess chest fat? Are your male breasts killing your self confidence and embarrassing you?

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m just SICK and tired over BAD rehashed advice from guys claiming they know what they’re talking about. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show exactly how you can melt away your man boobs and get a more manly chest – in weeks!

"Hi Cliff, You Rock!! After years of struggling with my male boobs, going crazily at the gym and eating like a bird, it took only 3 WEEKS to flatten my chest with your program! Rock hard chest baby!! You can crack an egg on it now, well not that I’ve tried I know it’s really designed for guys with bigger chests than me, but hey, it worked for me. I’ll send you more pictures in a couple of weeks!! Thanks for this awesome program"

It wasn’t so long ago that I was desperately trying everything under the sun to get rid of my man boobs. Diets, exercises, drugs, Q&A boards… Safe or dangerous, you name it. I’ve most likely tried it. The condition destroyed my self image whenever I was around people, especially when I had to take my shirt off. Heck, I even gave up on activities like swimming because I felt so ashamed. Summer was obviously my least favorite season. Friends and family would even laugh and ridicule my male boobs… I couldn’t really blame them though, because I just laughed it off and they never knew it was really tearing me up inside. I hated it because it seemed like nobody else I knew was experiencing this. It felt like I was cursed. I could not seem to get rid of these man boobs no matter what I did! Every weight loss routine recommended by personal trainers and "fitness experts" just accentuated the problem and made it worse. It was just ridiculous!

It was a very frustrating experience for most of my adult life because my doctor had told me that I’d lose them after puberty. Fast forward over 15 years later and nothing had changed. As a matter of fact, my self esteem only got worse over time… I always felt people were laughing about my man boobs behind my back. I just hated how others could freely go about their lives wearing whatever they felt like. It robbed me of my masculinity. It robbed me of my self image. I couldn’t even stand drawing attention to myself. I hunched over as a habit and I wore big bulky sweaters even if it was a hot day at times.

A few years ago, I almost considered surgery. I was quoted $5,200 not including all the prescriptions. Ouch! Most insurance companies wouldn’t even cover this type of surgery since it was "cosmetic". Besides the cost… Who wants to wear an uncomfortable "compression vest" for weeks during a painful recovery time anyway? Who really wants to risk permanent ugly scars…

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