Link Supercharger – Easy To Install – Supercharge Your Links And Look Professional

From the Techy Head Of Simple Simon : Dear Fellow Marketer, I’d really like to keep this page as SIMPLE as possible… so here goes:

ONE PART of Link Supercharging is about making it SUPER EASY & SUPER QUICK to set up Customer Friendly Redirect Links But it goes WAY beyond that! It’s ALSO about getting Getting More Traffic, Branding Your Domains, and Maximizing Your commissions! So let’s start with the redirects:

A raw affiliate link might look like this:

You want to look like a pro so you should use a "redirected" link like this:

Another benefit of using Link Supercharger is a built in ‘Tracking’ facility! This shows you how many times your link has been clicked, allowing you to work out conversion rates and the popularity of your Supercharged link with your list or blog readers! It even allows you to create different links for the same product so you can "split-test" them! And they look so much nicer and more professional than using the spammers choice, online URL shortener services that :

Can you picture a newbie getting through all those? – Heck even experienced marketers still struggle at times remembering to complete every step first time! Experience has shown us that most people get stuck around number 3 or 4 (‘cos if you get things wrong from here – NOTHING is going to work!)

By Now you may be thinking… "Finally – A simple to install software…

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