IT’S GOING TO END BADLY – America: The Rise of the Police State

An urgent message:  to any freedom-loving American who values their rights, their privacy and their liberty…

That’s a wall-sized mural commissioned by our government at the Denver International Airport.

Pay particular attention to the Nazi SS-styled uniform, the gas mask, the bombed out, burning buildings, the dead children’s bodies being buried and the Arabian-styled sabre stabbing the dove.

What you are about to see will SHOCK you. It will DISTURB you. And hopefully, if I have my way, it’ll PROVOKE you. Provoke you to action.

You’re going to get a glimpse of how it all goes down. What they don’t want you to know.

That you’re a Patriot. That you love this country. That you’d do anything, including give your life, to protect it.

What you didn’t see was door-to-door WARRANTLESS searches of innocent people’s houses.  There’s a reason.

Who gave the government THAT right? Who took away our right to privacy? To unreasonable search and seizure? To probable cause?

Stripped of our most basic rights, our property and even our ability to defend ourselves and even our families.

It’s NOT only terrorists who are targeted; it’s anyone the government thinks is against them.

The government is trying to do everything in their power to take our guns away from us. To prohibit us from buying more of them.

They’re hell bent on taking away our UNALIENABLE right to keep and bears arms–to protect ourselves, family and our property—while THEY and the criminals, the drug cartels and the terrorists get to keep theirs.

“Unalienable” is a big word, but basically it means it’s a right nobody can take away—not even the government.

Right now, they’re trying to take away our right to own automatic weapons, saying “What do you need automatic weapons for?”

It doesn’t matter what we’re gonna need them for. It’s our God-given right to own them

Right now, they’re trying to create a national registry, meaning a list of gun owners, so they know who all the law-abiding citizens who own guns are.

Right now, to try and deter us from getting guns, they’re hoarding mountains of ammunition, so that WE can’t buy it!

The Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling not millions, but BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition.  And then trying to create a law where maybe the guns aren’t illegal, but owning the ammunition is.

That’s right. They want to make owning an explosive device illegal, including a bullet. Why? Because it contains gun powder.

They’re determined to try anything to stop us from exercising our second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I mean… just look at what’s happening with surveillance of US citizens. The government is obsessed.

And whether it’s legal or not, whether the media reports on it, there are drones patrolling our sovereign…

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