iphone – iPhone Video Hero

How to get $2,000 quality out of your iPhone’s Video Camera so your Videos shine on screen! (Hold off on that heavyweight Pro-cam!)

Lighting can make or break your videos – I’ll show you the best low cost solutions. You’ll be able to add sparkle to your Videos by learning step by step from my own setup.

Want to make clean looking sales and blog videos? Create that famous Apple white background look with your iPhone! (Download my own lighting plan)

Revealed: The little known accessories that will allow you to capture crisp audio on your iPhone using an external microphone.

Win more business by shooting attention grabbing customer testimonials. See how I help a fitness trainer shoot a testimonial. (You also get my cheat sheet – the questions you MUST ask your clients!)

Up Close & Personal. How to film a small physical product. Perfect if you are an e-tailer or an inventor and want to promote your products using the power of video marketing.

My step by step guide to the best Video Apps in the App store. Handpicked by me so you don’t waste time and cash on the bad ones!

Make a live action Video Promo or Directory Listing using a free under the radar App. Hint: Clients will pay for a Video like this!

You get my comprehensive and insanely popular accessories guide so you don’t spend $$$ buying the wrong gear!

Quality Free Music to download and use in your Videos, on Youtube or on your website. (Requires a credit)

Over 4 hrs of high value, laser focussed content including my EXTRA 4 Special Bonuses you’ll discover below.

“I was so pleased with the Video made during the training. It really is amazing what you can do with just an iPhone in your own home!”

“Your training has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to add video content to my blog. Now I know how to get the best out of the equipment I already have in my pocket! Even my first couple of videos are bringing more engagement to my website – thanks!”

“After I went through iPhone Video Hero, I decided to replace my standard email with a Video message. When I sent my first Video link via email, I had an almost 100% open rate and 320 visits to my site in one afternoon. That is about 10x higher than a typical day! This training course gave me the confidence and knowledge to take that first step.”

“I really learned a lot from your course. I’d have never guessed videos taken with a phone camera could look so good. I had planned on purchasing a new (and expensive) HD camcorder for my business. However, after seeing how good my iPhone videos turned out, there’s really no need. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It not only has saved me a lot of money… It has enabled me to take videos that I’m…

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