Impulse – Instant Pro-Level Keybinds & Macros

Here’s the brutal truth every WoW player will learn sooner or later: If you’re clicking your abilities, you might as well play the game with your feet.

Think about it. As a clicker you have to target whatever you’re going after, move the mouse to the button you want, then click that button to execute just one ability at a time. And for most clickers this means staring at your action bars while you die in fire or walk right into a Freezing Trap.

If this is you, you’re wasting your potential. The best specs, rotations, and strategies won’t save you from staying an Average Player for the rest of your WoW existence.

But keybinding is hard. It’s tedious and requires a lot of practice to fine-tune. Worse, if you’ve setup your binds wrong you’re likely to DECREASE your performance!

IMPULSE is sophisticated software that automatically detects your class and primary spec. There’s no need to search through mountains of confusing information. Just choose your preferred hand placement, review the keybinds and macros pre-loaded for your spec, then apply the settings to remap your gameplay.

Just load the character you want to set up, click the IMPULSE button on your Manacore hub, and the software will detect your class and spec. No configuration needed, and we guarantee you’ll never get keybinds that are useless for your role!

IMPULSE is as user-friendly as it gets, with similar abilities assigned to familiar keys so that you can easily commit every bind to muscle memory. Each keybind has been assigned by our expert developers to maximize potential in a given spec while still remaining simple to learn and remember.

While the basic setup might grant you a maximum of 12 keybinds, IMPULSE generates at least 36 keybinds for every spec from Protection Warriors to Frost Mages. The most-used spells and abilities are always bound on keys that are easy to reach. Other abilities including cooldowns and utility are also bound so you can quickly adapt to a click-free setup.

Macros are key to efficient gameplay, freeing up space on your keyboard and keeping you focused on the action. From the crucial healer mouseover macros to stance-change utility and vital focus crowd control, IMPULSE pre-loads only the best macros, tested and perfected for your needs.

IMPULSE lets you have a say in every step of the process, from deciding where you want to place your hand to choosing what keybinds and macros you will use. And if you want to try something different, restoring the default is as easy as one click.

Quickly performing crucial actions is key to endgame raiding. The keybinds in IMPULSE are specifically designed as an extension of your normal gameplay. Every keystroke counts to execute challenging raid encounters.

IMPULSE is the first intuitive keybind suite and macro manager that completely remaps your gameplay in three easy steps.

Break your bad habits! Learn…

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