How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You …Using Psychology

However, that was before I studied the psychology of love and discovered something quiet startling. I found that this magical thing called love …can actually be quiet EASILY MANIPULATED.

And it’s this set of controls that I have discovered HOW TO MANIPULATE …and use to make a person fall in love with you …that otherwise wouldn’t have done.

It was then, almost my accident, that I stumbled upon something. Something that would have far reaching consequences. Through my research, I discovered a LOOPHOLE in the current understanding of Lovemaps.

And not only that, but you would be able to do it far more EASILY than is probably morally ethical. (But I’m assuming you would only want to do this on someone you truly love and want to build a long-lasting relationship with afterwards.)

When I published my first body of work on this, I immediately came under fire from certain elements of the public about the ethical and moral issues of “making” someone fall in love with you.

Getting the love of your life in your arms is the DIFFERENCE between a happy life with someone you love more than anything in the whole world …and living a second rate life with someone plain you had to settle for.

To date, I have only shared this information a couple of times over the last few years. However, I have now decided for the FIRST TIME to make this information available to the public.

A program that will literally change everything you ever thought you knew about love …allowing you to make a person fall in love with you, that otherwise wouldn’t have done.

The program "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" reveals the set of controls that controls love – allowing you to make someone fall in love with you.

It reveals how to scan a persons subconscious and discover the components that make up their Lovemap. It then shows you how to use these components to program the persons subconscious into falling in love with you.

Most advices give you a "one-size-fits all" general plan on how to get with the person you want. Using this approach is a bit like a shoe manufacturer manufacturing shoes in only one size, and expecting them to fit everyone.

The reality is that each plan MUST be tailored to the individual persons Lovemap …because therein lies the key to building that deep, powerful, attachment in them for you …making them fall in love with you.

Each of us has our own unique Lovemap or code which makes us fall in love – The Lovemap Code. This is what you need to understand about the psychology of love.

The POWER of unraveling a persons Lovemap is that it enables you to make the person fall in love with you REGARDLESS of:

This is because none of these have to do with a persons Lovemap. These are artificial things which we have been…

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