How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

Discover a Remarkably Simple and Proven Speeding Ticket Defense Strategy to Legally Beat Your Case… Even if You’re 100% GUILTY

This is the nationally known and highly acclaimed traffic ticket defense system that has already helped 29,727 drivers legally avoid paying a single dime in fines or raised insurance premiums.

Keep reading to see how you can use this same proven system to fight back and beat YOUR speeding ticket too… GUARANTEED!

I was a police officer for over 15 years and after reading through your book I have realized that probably every speeding ticket I issued could have been dismissed.

There are too many other more serious cases that need the preparation time. A speeding ticket to an officer is no more than to prove to his co-workers and superiors that he is doing what he is suppose to be doing and not sleeping somewhere.

Once the ticket is written at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. I was very impressed with your book.

What may at first seem like a measely $150 fine actually turns out to be much more when you factor in the hidden fees and ridiculously high auto insurance surcharges.

In fact, USA Today recently reported the average speeding ticket increases auto insurance rates by $23 a month and lasts for 3 whole years.

If you work too hard to let that kind of money go to waste, you’d be wise to take heed to the following information…

My name is Damon Dallah and I’m about to reveal a closely guarded strategy that has been time-tested and proven to wipe out most speeding tickets.

A strategy so surprisingly simple, it’s been used by thousands of drivers and has been hailed by legal experts around the country as the definitive solution for dealing with unwanted and expensive speeding tickets.

Best of all, it’s completely legal, does NOT require any legal knowledge and you can start using it in just a few moments from now.

Hi Damon… My name is Reggie Fairchild and I just had to write and thank you for this system. I was able to use it and get my $250 ticket dismissed. Far easier than I suspected, it was nice not to hire an attorney. Because even if I did and won my case, I would still be out over $200 for the attorney. I beat my ticket on Tuesday and it’s Friday and I’m still in shock that I won. Thanks again.

I first learned about this defense almost a decade ago when a fellow co-worker introduced me to his uncle… a law professor at our local university. I briefly met with him on his lunch hour and he exposed a major flaw on my ticket I could use to get it dimsissed.

With no other alternatives, I decided to take his advice and it paid off! My ticket was officially dismissed and I saved myself the $175 it would have cost me.


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