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The First Complete Surf Training Program That Will Have You Surfing At Your True Potential… Better, Stronger, Longer, and Pain Free Forever By Training Like The Pros

I purchased the Surf Training Success program this weekend and am already seeing the benefits. I did the mobility drills before a surf session and was amazed at how relaxed and loose my back felt not only during the session but for the rest of the day. Normally after a surf my back is extremely tight and achy but not any more. This is awesome and I am defini …

I wanted to say, thank you Cris for putting together this program. I purchased a different program prior to STS and it was very basic and lacked substance so I was a little hesitant about any other programs. However, after seeing Cris’s passion and knowledge in some of his free videos I decided to give it a go. I can say I am very happy with this decision an …

Just got phase 3 down. The entire program was awesome. I definitely move, look, and most important feel better at this point.

I just want to let you know that I now have completed the entire Surf Training Success program and I am just blown away by how much it has help my surfing. Both my paddle endurance, paddle power, stability and rotational power is on another level now days. Together with the dynamic warm ups and tissue work it really works tremendously. The three-phase-conce …

3 Performance Phases of Training… Months of Workouts, Videos & Manuals, Flexibility Drills, Strength, Flexibility, and Power Training, Recovery Stretches, Nutrition… All TheGoods!!

There’s nothing worse than trying to get a good workout, and forgetting how to do a movement properly…. because if you’re not performing it properly than you’re putting yourself at risk for injury and not getting the functional carryover to surfing!

These Exercise Picture Manuals are another guide to ensuring you perform every single workout as perfectly as possible, and take all the confusion out of your training. Here’s What You Get…..

These are the tools that guide your workouts, track your progress, and remove the guesswork from your workouts. Have confidence knowing you are doing the best possible workout..

You’ll recieve 6 Professionally designed Workout Templates. These templates are designed to be printed out, and used to guide you through this surf-fitness program. I give you one Workout Template for each of the 6 Surf Training Programs within Surf Training Success.

These Exercise Templates give you all the Highly Important workout details for every single workout, including the Critical Details of a workout that Dictate how your body specifically benefits. Training for endurance is far different from training for strength or power, so stop making those mistakes!

Phases of training are critical to focus on specific training goals and laying the foundations for you to be a better surfer. Each of the 3 Phases of training has 2 Full…

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