Green App Machine

That means 1 in 7 people on the planet are on a Smartphone running Apps. More than 50% of Americans use a smartphone. Amazing huh? And that figure is growing at an incredible rate. Soon everyone will be on a Smartphone. The costs are coming right down.

Already there has been 40 BILLION downloads of Apps – thats how popular they are. The average American, for instance, has 41 Apps on his smartphone.

And our smartphones are always with us and Always On. We can’t function without them. We carry them with us all the time. We work with them. We play with them. We eat with them. We sleep with them within arm’s reach… And they’re the first thing we grab when we wake up in the morning. Mobile Apps have become part of our daily lives. Mobile Apps is a HUGE industry – worth 40 BILLION DOLLARS annually.

Here’s the thing…there are HUGE opportunities to monetize the boom in apps. More than 30 million apps are downloaded around the world every day. Does that look like a "Hungry Crowd" to you? You bet! People are eating up Apps and they can’t get enough of them. So whats this got to do with you and me? Simple – we can grab a slice of that pie – building and monetizing Mobile Apps.

Before I tell you more about my Mobile Apps software…let me just give you a quick background on how I got involved in the App Industry. I wasn’t always a Mobile Apps Developer. I may have started out in life as a train-spotting geek but I actually did a Civil Engineering degree in Australia. I was looking forward to a future planning, designing and managing construction projects. And now I’m planning, designing, constructing and managing a Mobile Apps business.

Now I’m just going to quickly give you the "backstory" – how I managed to come up with a software system to monetize mobile apps. If you’ve been online for awhile you would have heard of MFA sites – "Made for Adsense" websites. They used to be all the rage until Google banned them. Basically…guys were scraping content from the net and whacking up websites targeting "longtail keywords" – low competition keywords that still have decent traffic. They were monetizing the sites with Google’s Adsense and cleaning up.

The beauty of this opportunity is…anyone can do it. Even your Grandma or your kid. We’ve automated App-Building to a few clicks of the mouse. It doesn’t matter what your background or experience…with the help of our software you can find great keywords and within minutes build a mobile app around that keyword. This is something that you can start in your spare time and then go full-time as you have success.

Guess what?…this is even bigger than the birth of the internet. Ten times BIGGER. This is the new online Goldrush. Smartphones running Apps will DOUBLE to 2 Billion users in less than three years.

Now is…

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