FX Capitalist – The most incredible Forex Robot ever released.

Trade the Forex market with greater reward. Flexible scalping and less trading server demands.

First, a scalping strategy or robot makes trades that typically last no longer than a few minutes or a few seconds. This is important, because signals can change at any moment.

So if you have a good trade signal you can capitalize on that opportunity and avoid any major news or movements that can possibly put you in a bad position.

BUT, the biggest issues that scalpers have that have unfortunately resulted in failure for traders are…

Execution Issues – Broker is overwhelmed by multiple rapid trades and is unable to execute trades quick enough or with proper accuracy.

Stop level limitations – Many brokers impose stop loss limitations meaning you can only have stop loss greater than 2 pips and some cases 3 pips. Almost all scalpers have stop loss at these low numbers and with execution issues and slippage these stop loss are not able to set properly causing improper trading.

Slippage – There’s a multitude of reasons for slippage, but one is an overwhelming number of trades can cause brokers’ servers to have slow down in processing resulting in trades executing off a few pips.

As a result we need scalpers that are more flexible in their trading styles for more brokers. This is exactly what FX Capitalist is designed to do.

FX Capitalist offers more flexibility with more options. By default FX Capitalist works with a 4 pip stop loss, yet still maintaining an incredible…

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