Flavilicious Cooking

If your diet allowed you to eat delicious foods until you were FULL & COMPLETELY SATISFIED, every single day, and STILL feel truly confident in your own skin, do you think you could stick to it?

Today, as a new mom, with a time-consuming business, parental pressures, family responsibilities, lack of time and an increased energy demand…

I needed a diet with variety, flavor and taste. One that didn’t make me obsessed about calories. One that didn’t leave me starving. One that kicked fat to the curb and made me confident in my own skin.

That was the story of my life until I discovered the incredibly simple 3-Step Skinny Solution which you’ll learn about in just a moment…

I am 1 of 17 siblings – yes, all 17 from the same parents – a proud wife and a new mom, committed to watching her precious daughter and brand new baby boy grow up beautiful, strong and healthy.

In the fitness world I’m better known as "Flavilicious," the creator behind the best-selling female workout systems Full-Body-Licious, Curvalicious and Musclicious. Today I am proud to release my brand new Flavilicious Cooking system that you’ll learn about shortly. I am on a mission to help females confidently say, "I love my body," 365 days a year and that all starts in the kitchen.

More formally, I am a Registered Paediatric Nurse, a Certified Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer with an enormous passion for making healthy foods (that are normally bland and boring), taste insanely delicious. And, I’m here to help YOU do the same.

I haven’t always known how to cook and eat healthy. As a registered nurse, I had all the bad habits of a typical shift worker. I was in BIG trouble when my weight rapidly began increasing along with my body fat once I started eating frozen "healthy" dinners and snacking on anything that was quick and easy throughout the day.

After becoming "skinny-fat" I decided I needed a change. I started studying nutrition and exercise, trying just about every diet and workout there is. Little by little, with help from all the mistakes I made, I finally started putting all the pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle together and figured out what to eat, when to eat it, and most recently, how to cook properly.

"My husband and I invested more than $11,000 into professional cooking lessons, and perfecting the Flavilicious Cooking system to give you a simple solution to use in your own kitchen."

It’s time to take control of your health and give your body the nutrients it needs to live a long and energetic life. My hope for you is that you fall in love with fueling your body with delicious recipes made from scratch and create memories in the kitchen that your family will talk about for generations to come.

That’s hundreds of hours in investigating, researching and experimenting with the BEST combinations of TASTY fat-burning ingredients to become…

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