Fit Yummy Mummy

As we locked eyes for the first time, it was like the world had stopped spinning and my life-long dream of having a baby had finally come true.

… the all-too-often "ice cream and a movie night" (popcorn just wasn’t cutting it anymore)…

… and the strange combinations of foods (pickles and chocolate anyone?) that often added more calories to my diet than my body could handle.

My careless lifestyle habits had completely destroyed my metabolism, causing my weight to escalate dramatically as I entered my second trimester.

About 5 months into my pregnancy, I was gaining weight pretty quickly; in fact, I was blowing up like a balloon!

I practically snuck out of the office that day, half-holding back tears, half-angry at myself for all those years I had treated myself so poorly.

In photos, I would hide my face and try to keep my exposure to my belly only. I did everything to avoid the embarrassment of associating myself with that weight gain.

After Tyler was born, I was told I would lose a lot of weight simply from breastfeeding – and I did, shedding 17 pounds in the first 2 months.

Sure I was grateful to lose those 17 pounds (in fact, fitting back into REAL jeans again was a godsend!), but I still needed to lose 33 pounds more to get back to my "pre-baby-body".

If I were to follow their suggestions, I’d be spending 1-2 hours everyday JUST getting my body back in shape.

For some reason or another, my husband and I started walking up and down those hills while alternating periods of fast walking (up the hills) and slow walking (down the hills).

In the next 8 weeks, I dropped another 14 pounds… simply because I was varying the intensity level of my exercises.

So I began reading up on the intensity levels of exercise and how it affects your body’s ability to lose weight.

I wanted to see if there was a way to get the same fat burning affect I had from walking those hills – but somehow managing to do it even FASTER – since walking still took up about 45 minutes per day.

Plus, winter was coming up so I didn’t feel like walking with my little boy out in the freezing cold weather everyday just so I could get back into "pre-baby" shape.

And to top it all off… a personal tragedy happened, forcing my family and I to move back to Kentucky, where the missing piece of the puzzle was finally revealed…

When we moved back to Kentucky, the stars must have aligned because somehow I just happened to meet a man who who brought a whole new world of possibilities to my life… allowing me to finally discover the missing piece of the puzzle which was keeping me overweight.

The secret was called "EPOC", short for "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption".

"EPOC" is the SECRET Mom’s are using to get back into…

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