Fibo Machine Pro

It’s super easy! So here we go… We Enter when the price reaches Entry Level and set our Stoploss according to Stoploss Level shown by the indicator. After that we simply set any Take Profit Level from the ones shown on the chart and relax. You can choose any Take Profit that you like. In this example, we went for Aggressive Take Profit and successfully reached it with a profit of 70 Pips! If we went for Safe – the profit would be 31 Pips and if we went for Medium – we would make 50 Pips.

I know what you’re thinking when you’re reading my words… You just got home from your 9-5, it’s been a crazy day. You boot up your laptop with big hopes to whether you’ve managed to turn your ever-losing Forex account into the green finally. Unfortunately, today was not your day… AGAIN! Tired and ready to give up your Forex dreams, you head over to your inbox so that you can see if there are any jobs going in your area for a better pay than your current 9-5. What a bitter attempt for improving your lifestyle! Then time stops for a moment and everything slows down as you find THE email that led you to this page. You read the headline… lean back in your chair and quietly asking; how is it even possible?

You see, the single biggest thing that gets people into Forex trading is, they’re hoping for a quick profit… and they FAIL FAST! So why is that? It’s rather simple… it’s called S.O.S. or Shiny Object Syndrome. Whenever a new strategy or software comes in their way they jump on the band wagon. In fact they not only jump on it, they get carried away! They money they’ve spent on the latest and greatest software and trading strategy, they could have used for trading and actually turning it into a profit. Does this sound like you? How much more time you have to spend on trial and error before you reach the holy grail of Forex trading? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with your family or doing the things that really matters? I’ve got good news for you! There is really no need for burning through another trading account; I know how frustrating that is!

Hi, I’m Karl Dittmann and if you’ve been in Forex trading for any length of time, my name will most probably sound familiar to you. Now… I’m a humble guy and I don’t want to brag but as a matter of fact I’ve been in this game for a long-long time, 25 years to be exact! During my time I had scores of friends, family members and clients reaching out to me, wanting to profit from Forex trading. While I was very happy to help them I’ve learnt that they were all making…

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