Exclusive Offer – Fat Loss Accelerators

With hundreds of “slimy” NYC trainers ready to swoop in and steal my clients away, I either had to eliminate the competition or pack my bags and head out of town.

Fortunately for you, and my celebrity clients, I worked my Aussie a** off to find an unbeatable workout method that consistently delivered rapid results in half of my client’s normal workout time.

Truth be told, this groundbreaking workout secret I call HMC has been 10 grueling years in the making. But with so many fat loss products on the market today, I needed to be 110% sure HMC wasn’t just another gimmicky flash-in-the-pan product.

That’s why I obsessed over everything. From the countless hours of research to the hundreds of client experiments to the breakthrough conclusive findings, I spent nearly all my time making sure NOTHING was left uncovered. I guess that’s where my scientist and Exercise Physiology background helped out.

You see, despite training high-powered executives and busy stay-at-home moms in one of the most cutthroat cities in the worlds, I was a fat a**.

Yes, even as a scientist and a student of Exercise Physiology working as a personal trainer in one of the most competitive jobs in New York City, I was 41 pounds overweight. How ironic.

Just like you, I was ashamed of my body and hid behind oversized clothes for many years. I drank loads of beer, ate fries, banana bread and devoured Haagen Dazs ice cream. But my favorite snack was candy. Anytime of day – I munched endlessly on sugar. This serious addiction was controlling my life. I never took responsibility for my grumpiness and my wild mood swings constantly irritated my family and friends.

One hung over morning in 2009, I saw the scale tip 182lbs – this was the moment. I had officially reached my heaviest weight. This was a major turning point in my life where I had to make a change, or I would never survive in New York.

It was officially over. I set a goal to lose 30lbs before Spring of 2010. I was determined to do this or die trying.

But it was so tough. I really struggled initially. My first workout was so difficult; I clearly remember I couldn’t run for 3 minutes without stopping. As I was running into the wind on West Side Highway, my knees were aching and I could feel my body fat wobbling with every step.

I was totally disgusted in myself. I felt so ashamed as I remembered how I athletic I was in my younger years.

This was my rock bottom. I thought I would fail again, as I had many times before. Like you, I tried the latest gym classes, elliptical, fat burning supplements and detox fad diets, which was terrible! After one day, I was so hungry I accidently ate a whole pizza. Certainly, I thought I was destined to be fat forever and it was…

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