Ejaculation By Command – Download Best Premature Ejaculation Solution!

"…and it has led to the best sex we’ve ever had (including the four extra times during the remainder of that evening!)

While the factual information about a man’s body responses was helpful in resetting my expectations; by far the best thing about your writing was ‘hearing’ another man encouraging me that I could be successful in managing my early ejaculation, and telling me strongly that this was achievable.

That kind of encouragement gave me the confidence to practice hard and enter into my next sexual encounter with anticipation, rather than trepidation… and I can tell you it turned out fabulously.

Thank you for giving me the knowledge, but most of all the positive support, that has re-vitalised my sex-life, and my 5-year-drought marriage."

Recently I was out with some friends at a local club. There was a group of girls hanging out next to us.

Within a few minutes, she came over and we started talking. For the next 15 minutes or so… we had a great conversation. She started flirting a little more, touching my arm, and sending me "signals" that she was interested.

Once we got there… we started tearing each others’ clothes off. Honestly, I had one of the best nights of sex I ever had.

She must have felt the same way… because she was moaning and writhing in pleasure for about 40 minutes straight. Afterwards, she told me how good I was in bed. In fact, she told me I…

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