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From The Desk Of: Alex Bacon Online Marketing Entrepreneur Dear Friend,

Sure, Being An Affiliate Marketer SOUNDS Cool But Have You Actually Made Any Money Doing It? – Does the prospect of being able to make big time cash on the Internet without even having a product sound good to you? – Would you like to make money simply sending traffic to someone else’s website while letting them do all the hard work? – Maybe you’d just like to make a little bit of extra dough on the side to supplement your income.

There’s no question that you’ve heard about all of the money that "other people" have made promoting other people’s products on the Internet.

Best of all, there are so many digital products out there that offer high commission that you can make more than the product creator in most cases!

That’s right! The standard in affiliate commission for most digitally delivered products through clickbank is 50% of the profit and up to 75%.

But there has been a problem for 95% of affiliates like you that want to become big time affiliates and make big money online. Actually The first thing that you need to realize is that you need to…

Watch Out For "Affiliate Marketing…

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