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"Your Own Fully Automated and Ready to Go Clickbank Stores & CB Ads, Generated, Updated and Uploaded to Your Webserver Automatically, Promoting Up to Date Clickbank Products With Your Clickbank ID Embedded en Cloacked In Them, Earning You Multiple Affiliate Income Streams…!"

No Need for Subscriptions and Monthly Fees any More, You Are Now Able To Generate Your Very Own Stores Too!

Screenshots here. For our sample of a an automatically generated top sites store click here.

ComyoNet CB Store Generator is the quickest and easiest way for Clickbank affiliates to make money with Clickbank. With simple customisation, the system is able to generate clickbank ads or a complete ready to go store, including an index page, category pages, sub-category pages and product pages, promoting all or only top products, With your Clickbank ID embedded in them! The system generates (manually or automatically on daily basis) the following:

Screenshots here. For a sample of an automatically generated store using our generator click here. This store is based on full products, displaying generated CB ads (horizontal). The store, the CB Ads and the CB data file are generated and updated automatically on daily basis! You are able to customise for your websites: styles, headers, footers, logo, number of products, categories, CB ads formats and colors, full store with all products or Top products only store based on your preferences, pages in asp or php … (see more features bellow).

Our company, ComyoNet, (also known as has adopted and fully supports…

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