Clickbank Marketplace CSV Pitch Page

If you’re new to Clickbank, then stop reading. This is not for you. But you might want to bookmark us for the future. Sooner or later, you’ll come around to this.

You’re probably already aware of the fact that in order to find out what products are really performing on Clickbank Marketplace, Gravity has been the default indicator that everyone looks at. After all, it’s been the conventional wisdom that affiliate should choose to promote products with high Gravity.

Gravity is an indicator that says how many affiliates have made a commission off a product. It doesn’t say how many transactions were made. It doesn’t say anything about the conversion. And it doesn’t say where those affiliate got their traffics from.

It’s no denying that Gravity, as an indicator, has its merit. For example, some publishers consistent roll out high quality products that are well worth the affiliate’s attention. Their reputation attracts tons of affiliate to hop on their product launches. Gravities shoot up, reach 100 and beyond. High Gravity always attracts even more affiliates. As a result, fierce competition begets.

Affiliate pays homage to high Gravity. Savvy publishers know it. That’s why some Clickbank publishers are very serious about JV. It hypes their products. And it jerks Gravity up. Hyped products get Gravity up to 100+ quickly. But undeserving products get high refund rate and untested pitch pages produce poor sales conversion. Soon, these negative factors erode the vainglory of the initial hypes. Gravity declines, sometimes slowly…

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