Clickbank analytics on steroids – track clickbank traffic per keyword

All Super Affiliate who promote clickbank products track their sales because Conversions equal cash!!!

Access to the “thank you” page of your vendor is virtually impossible and that means no matter which tracking software or method you use you cannot track and follow your customers through the buying process.

No matter how you drive traffic – unless you know which keywords convert to cash, you are wasting valuable marketing $$$$. With your chosen traffic method you can quickly assess the value of a keyword and the volume of visitors to your site.

I was struggling with this very problem on one of my first affiliate sites – I was driving traffic to a good product and I had some conversions but in the end I wasn’t breaking even.  I was using a ton of keywords, but I had no idea which keywords were converting and which were wasting  my efforts.

So I started searching for a solution: My first efforts lead to the search engines where I searched for clickbank conversion tracking.  I found plenty of search results.  My confidence rose and I thought, well, I am sure one of these will come up with an answer.

I also started reading blogs and forums.  The more I looked through the search results and the more I read, the more I realized there wasn’t actually a good solution.  People were all asking the same thing, but nobody had an answer.

It seemed like no one really knew the answer! Could that really…

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