Click ‘N Bank Makes You Run To The… – By Jesse Regan & Tim Bekker

So I want you to smile… I know you’re no dummy, you’ve seen through all the bullshit that these cheap jokes are selling…

Hey, we all know the internet is just crammed full of so-called ‘gurus’ offering their tired old ‘profit strategies’ for

Tons of you have either already barfed up tons of cash on these products, or you will in the future. Let me guess what you bought…and let me guess the outcome…

Did I get any of those right? Yea I thought so… the "make money online" niche is just full of straight up trash.

Some things might work for a few sales here and there, but I haven’t found one that makes good on the promises of a

Those filthy liars… those online con-artist bastards.. they play to our emotions all the time.. and nothing works!

Yup, you got it… , the same self proclaimed "Guru’s" that are selling you a "Money Making’ program are the only

They are email "marketing" guys that only make money through their partners with 100,000+ people like you

They don’t know a thing about how to get real tergeted traffic, or how to make money promoting real affiliate programs.

And that’s exactly how this started. We took all the garbage junk crap courses we bought, and threw them all in a big old bag, and tossed it into the trash can next to my desk. It was time to start from scratch.

"I’ve heard this I’m different’ story…

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